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Who am I?

I Help You To Succeed In This Online Field And Give You Best Knowledge Which Helps You To Make Passive Income

My Journey

Let me introduce myself,

I’m Jayesh Popat, the Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur.

I’m a blogger of 32 years who enjoys writing and exchanging information with others.

I come from Gujarat (India) and I am a PhD student by education but a dedicated blogger and partner marketer by heart.

By endorsing affiliate brands and high-quality digital products, I created this blog to gain pretty much profit.

Let me also thank Deepak Kanakaraju, the founder of DigitalDeepak.com for letting me in the Digital Marketing Internship Program where  I learned most of the Digital Marketing tactics such as Niche Research, WordPress Blog, Content Writing & Marketing, Social Media & Networking Mastery, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Facebook and Google Ads Mastery, SEO and much more. This is the only internship I have come across where you will get 100% cash back of what you have paid initially if you complete the assignment and practical task by Deepak. I highly recommend and suggest anyone go through with this before starting out their blogging journey. 

Let’s talk about this blog.

I began this blog to support any blogger who is newbie(novice) to successfully blog that’s why I call this site “NovaBlogging”.
Would you like to learn more about it? 
Yes, Of courseLet me explain my blog  and how you get maximum out of it.


What Is NovaBlogging Is All About?

NovaBlogging is a platform to make you a better blogger. We discuss in this blog about writing, affiliate marketing and a tons of stuff that will help you start up in this environment online and grow your site like a fireball. 

This blog helps you to grow your blog and to make the appropriate income and profit (but if you are working hard and we don’t share fast schemes). 

You know blogging has become difficult in 2019, so to stay on it, you need robust strategies for yourself.

Therefore we’re here to help you … 

To order to support the newbie bloggers to 2020 and beyond, I released the blog on (26 April 2020). I share the best proven strategies. 

How did I begin this blog? 

I was thinking that I  could be any help other bloggers to scale their blogs so that others don’t make the same mistake and grow fluently, I also want to share my blog experience with this blog. 

This is everything ..!! 

You love this, I believe.

So we are here to help you with this…

I started this blog on (26 April, 2020) for helping newbie bloggers and try to help them to scale their blog in 2020 and beyond. I share the best strategies which work for me.

In short, I Love Blogging, I Love Sharing knowledge, and that’s why NovaBlogging is my dream blog, and I shared quality things here, which helps you.

If you are looking for any other query, you can mail me

Email : hello [at] novablogging [dot] com

Thank you for reading and  offering us your valuable time.

Yours Truly,

Jayesh Popat

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