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Hi, Jayesh Popat here.

I began documenting my blogging experience with and helped other bloggers navigate their blogging journey. To anyone, all my material is free. You will need not to give me a penny to read my content.

However, I earn commission from affiliate programs. I have been associated through the years with a significant range of the owners of products and services. On my site, I endorse some products/services. Only certain products/services I use or have used are promoted. I didn’t use some of them, but studied them.

Therefore, my site includes several links to affiliates.If you press these links and make a  order, I will collect no additional charge from you. I take nothing to list them on my blog — such as free products, resources, currency, etc.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me at

Have a wonderful day!

Jayesh Popat

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